Online Marketing in 2020 and Beyond.

Digital Marketing in 2020 is a fascinating prospect. I’m sure that more business owners realize the importance of using the Internet as an advertising platform to promote their business. However, many marketers are still unclear about how to implement social media and the value of content marketing as an integral part of their overall business … Read moreOnline Marketing in 2020 and Beyond.

Some digital tips for small businesses:

Make sure that Google Tag Manager (GTM) is correctly implemented across all of your web pages. Facebook advertising is a powerful channel, especially for business-to-consumer companies, but it only really works if your tags are linked to GTM. Link your Google AdWords account to your Google Analytics account to ensure all data is synced. Once … Read moreSome digital tips for small businesses:

Your Ultimate COVID Startup Resource Guide

from https://aflo.io/blog-post/Your-Ultimate-COVID-Startup-Resource-Guide The COVID-19 outbreak has impacted businesses across the globe, no matter what industry you’re in.  We heard from our members about the challenges they’re facing running their businesses, and operational costs are a big part of them. All businesses, especially small businesses, are in survival mode – and we’re here to help you … Read moreYour Ultimate COVID Startup Resource Guide

Conversion optimisation.

This post is originally from 3.7 Designs. https://3.7designs.co/blog/2019/03/conversion-optimization-checklist/. An optimized website can convert ten times as many users as a non-conversions optimized site. The amount of information on conversion optimization is vast, and a quick Google search reveals over 578 million results on “Conversion Optimization.” With so much information on the subject available, it can … Read moreConversion optimisation.

5 Simple steps to manage your Social Reputation.

One of the most essential elements of the interaction between our company and our customers is our social reputation. Social reputation determines how others perceive the company or activity when they search for it online and on social networks. So let’s see 5 simple steps to manage our Social Reputation better. As for everyday life, … Read more5 Simple steps to manage your Social Reputation.