Some digital tips for small businesses:

Originally from Datacoremedia
  • Make sure that Google Tag Manager (GTM) is correctly implemented across all of your web pages.
  • Facebook advertising is a powerful channel, especially for business-to-consumer companies, but it only really works if your tags are linked to GTM.
  • Link your Google AdWords account to your Google Analytics account to ensure all data is synced.
  • Once your tags are in place, set up the campaign to automatically optimise for your desired end-goal, which could be a sale, a lead or even a visit to a store locator page.
  • If your sales volumes are low, the platforms’ algorithms won’t have the data they need to effectively optimise your campaign for final sales. You could instead optimise for another step in the customer journey where there is more data available – such as a customer adding a product to the shopping cart.
  • Don’t get distracted by the hundreds of different targeting options across the various social and programmatic display platforms. Let the artificial intelligence find the most relevant audiences for your company. Segment only when you need to reach a narrow niche, for example, professionals with a four-year degree.
  • Create multiple custom audiences using existing data from customer lists, page visitors or data purchased from third parties. Also, create lookalike audiences of people with similar profiles to your best customers.
  • Use custom audiences both to include your target consumer and to exclude people outside your audience. As an example, don’t target people, who have recently purchased the product you’re advertising.
  • Use Urchin Tracking Module (UTM) strings, which are an addition to URLs that allow you to easily see the source of each conversion in your analytics tools.
  • Use Google Smart Display for a quick library of creative options – it combines your existing web assets—headlines, images, and more—to create responsive display ads. This saves you from paying for creative development and ensures optimal bidding and targeting strategies.